Choose top or side openers or both. Have you considered a bow window or a bay? How about stained or patterned glass? Leaded or Georgian glass? Sash windows? The choice is almost limitless.

We are always happy to offer personal advice on window styles although the final choice, of course, is yours.


Double glazed windows and doors are designed to close very tightly and save energy. So your new windows will be considerably better sealed than your old ones, and if they are double glazed will, under normal circumstances, prevent condensation.

However, where humidity levels are high, condensation may occur on cold surfaces in the room. This can easily be counteracted with correct ventilation.

Windows should be opened on a daily basis - sufficiently frequently to allow the moist air out and fresh air in. If you have tilt/turn style windows, a room can be ventilated by leaving the windows in the tilt position for a few minutes.