Our dedicated team of specialists will ensure that your new conservatory is designed and built with the minimum of disruption, within a reasonable timeframe and to the highest standards.

Whether it is a small sun room or a large bespoke design, in timber or uPVC, we will give your conservatory the time and care to enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

As you will have a single team from initial dig-out to final fix, there will be no delays while we source various trades from different sites to come in sporadically – as many of our competitors do. Your team will be on-hand to make the whole process run a smoothly as possible.

Sun Room

Otherwise known as a Lean-To, this option is often chosen for smaller conservatory designs. This, more simple, option can be adopted for conservatories and porches as small as 1 sq. mtr. The sun room is also a great option where there are restrictions on the pitch of a roof, such as on a bungalow or where there is a low-level first floor window.


These conservatories are the most popular and generally fall in to the mid-price range. Where there are no height or size restrictions, this design usually fits in with most people’s requirements. For larger designs, or where height is an issue, we can offer ‘double-hipped’ roofs to overcome this.


If you have an idea about you would like your new conservatory to look, give us a call and we can discuss your options. If it’s possible, we’ll build it for you. If it needs to be amended, we can advise you on the best options to create the look and feel you want. From a large P-Shaped to a Pavillion style, our vast experience and expertise will ensure we deliver on our promises.